Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire

High Country Steampunk Festival

COVID - 19 pandemic has forced us to err on the side of caution....

Date: Postponed due to COVID restrictions until October 8th & 9th of 2021 for the inaugural event! 

Location: Hon-Dah Resort & Casino Conference Center

       Look for sponsor, vendor and ticket information soon.

Planned Activities:

Teapot Races - start working on your Teapot Racers now! 

Compliment Dueling - practice those random compliments (We can all practice a little kindness now.)

​Tea Dueling - brush up on those dunkingskills! (details)

Shopping, Craft Classes and whatever else we decide to throw in!!  

Escape reality! Walk back in time to days of old and experience knights, queens, kings, nobles, pirates and oh so much more!! This historical re-creation event offers live demos from skilled artisans, music, dance and fully armored knights fighting with real weapons battling it out to the last man (or woman!) standing!

This event takes place in Show Low, AZ. For all the details see

AZMAYHEM.COM Check it out today!​  ​Updated COVID-19 information on the website.